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SPECIAL FOCUS : - The endocytic receptor LRP-1 (low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein-1) : understanding the cellular function and deciphering the molecular mechanisms mediated by the receptor in malignant diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. - Extracellular matrix components (especially thrombospondin) and derived peptides: therapeutical perspectives? - Intracellular signaling and proteolysis - Cytoskeleton and focal adhesion organization and dynamics - Gene transactivation and/or transrepression - Molecular markers of cancer progression and prognosis.
Research Interests
My research group in SiRMa laboratory is mainly interested in identifying molecular markers of cancer progression and developing alternative anti-tumor strategies. The staff focuses on two molecular targets, i.e. the endocytic receptor LRP-1 and extracellular matrix protein thrombospondin , and investigates their involvement in cancer cell adhesion, migration, apoptosis and signaling.
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