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Langlois B., Perrot G., Schneider C., Henriet P., Emonard H., Martiny L., DEDIEU S. LRP-1 promotes cancer cell invasion by supporting ERK and inhibiting JNK signaling pathways. PLoS ONE, 5(7): e11584 (2010) DEDIEU S. , Langlois B., Devy J., Sid B., Henriet P., Sartelet H., Bellon G., Emonard H., Martiny L. LRP-1 silencing prevents malignant cell invasion despite increased pericellular proteolytic activities. Mol. Cell Biol., 28(9): 2980-95. (2008). Floquet N., DEDIEU S. , Martiny L., Dauchez M., Perahia D. Human Thrombospondin's (TSP-1) C-terminal domain opens to interact with the CD-47 receptor: a molecular modelling study. Arch. Biochem. Biophys, 478(1):103-9. (2008).
DEDIEU S., Langlois B. LRP-1: a new modulator of cytoskeleton dynamics and adhesive complex turnover in cancer cells. Cell Adh Migr., 2(2):77-80. (2008).
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